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Here is a short timeline of events:

  • 1961 - A custom-designed General Motors rescue truck from H. Barkow Co. was deliverd

  • 1962 - Squad received national attention when its exploits were pictorially presented in "Womans Day" magazine

  • 1964 - First baby (Amy Meinke) was born in rescue squad on Hwy KD en route to Burlington Hospital-delivered by Bill Breen

  • 1965 - John Kjellander became Rescue Squad Cap

  • 1966 - Second baby born (Julie Bialik) and delivered by John Kjellander and George Hildebrandt.

  • 1967 - New safety equipment truck purchased

  • 1969 - Donald Amborn became Rescue Captain

  • 1971 - 5 Members became first in Kenosha County to become Emergency Medical Technicians: George Brossard, John Kjellander, Don Ranker, Francis Stumpf Jr., and Wesley Redlin.

  • 1971 - Wesley Redling became Rescue Captain

  • 1972 - Donald Ranker became Rescue Captain

  • 1972 - New Dodge Maxi-Van delivered, first unit in Kenosha County to meet latest federal standards.

  • 1978 - Rescue Squad became first area squad to acquire alternative shock equipment.

  • 1979 - "Jaws of Life" were purchased.

  • 1981 - John Kjellander nominated EMT of the year in Kenosha County.

  • 1986 - Squad begins using new electronic defibrillators.

  • 1986 - Sqaud's first EMT-Intermediates are established: Tim Beyer, Bruce Kempken, Wayne Trongeau, Don Ranker, Bruce Haase, and Buster Amore.

  • 1987 - Don Ranker named Wisconsin EMT of the year.

  • 1990 - Timothy Beyer became Rescue Captain

  • 1993 - Darrel Stoen became Rescue Captain/EMS Division Chief

  • 2012 - Brandon Jones became EMS Division Chief

  • 201X - Tom Smith became EMS Division Chief

  • 2020 - Ken Johnson became EMS Division Chief

  • *** Bill Glass, Ronald Redlin and Lee Redlin became Rescue Captain/Chief during some years between Darrel Stoen's past tenure.

The Twin Lakes Rescue Squad was formed in 1949, the first such organization in western Kenosha County. Some members of the Twin Lakes Vol. Fire Department saw a need for emergency medical service in their area. These members being Harold (Bing) Gauger, Frank Zerfas, George Hildebrandt Jr., Paul Brown, Elmer Winter, Ernest Whitrock, George Goodwin, Gilbert Amborn and Earl VanHorne. Earl VanHorne was the first captain (chief) of the Rescue Squad.


At first these members hauled patients in the back of a station wagon. They then purchased a new 1949 panel truck costing $2000.00 which they used for many years. The American Legion bought the first stretcher for the squad. Members were trained in first aid by the American Red Cross.


The Twin Lakes Rescue Squad initially covered the areas of Randall Township, Wilmot, Silver Lake, Lily Lake, New Munster, Powers Lake, Wheatland Township, Camp Lake, Trevor, Rock Lake, Bohners Lake, Pell Lake, as well as the Village of Twin Lakes.


The rescue call came into Chief VanHornes' house and then his wife proceeded to call various rescue personnel. In 1965 phones were hooked up to ring in the rescue members homes.

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